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Hyster Forklift Safety Tips

Complete Training & Wear Safety Clothing.
Only trained and certified operators may use lift trucks. Wear designated work clothes and protective devices.

Complete Pre-Operation Inspection.
Inspect the lift truck before starting work, and inform the supervisor immediately if there are problems.

Wear The Seat Belt.
Fasten your seat belt before operating the lift truck

Take No Riders.
A lift truck is built for only one person, positioned in the designated area.

Watch Your Speed.
Always operate the lift truck at a speed that is appropriate for the environment. Observe the worksite rules for safe operation.

Use Suitable Pallets.
Use pallets and skids that can withstand the load weight. Don’t use damaged, deformed or decayed pallets and skids.

Avoid Hazards.
Don’t drive over objects (e.g., scattered pieces of wood), as this could cause load shift or loss of control.

Ensure Stable Loads.
Safely and properly stack the load on the pallets and skids. Use prevention measures such as ropes or binders, if needed.

Keep Clear of the Mast.
Don’t place hands or feet on or near the mast or chains, as injury may occur.

Don’t operate with a load that exceeds the lifting capacity.

Don’t travel with the forks higher than a foot from the floor. Never travel or turn with the forks in an elevated position or tilted forward. .